Maintaining a Competitive Edge by Using SEO


Businesses in the Miami area are looking for a competitive edge, aiming to reach the largest amount of customers possible in the shortest amount of time. To this end, they have used a number of marketing techniques and strategies, and very few marketing techniques have the power and return on investment that SEO marketing does. Continue reading Maintaining a Competitive Edge by Using SEO


SEO for Miami Businesses: Tips for Success

LeetWebMiami is a competitive market for local businesses, including in the online marketing arena. The ability to attract local traffic to your website will depend on how well your website is positioned in search engine rankings. If you’re having trouble with ranking well on search engine results pages, the following tips can help get you on the right track to SEO success: Continue reading SEO for Miami Businesses: Tips for Success

Vital Elements for a Site’s SEO

LeetWebWith the ever changing face of search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine algorithms, it might seem like a difficult task for any company to keep up. Some elements of SEO, however, still remain and any company that wishes for the site to rank high should make sure they are implanting some of the following vital strategies. Continue reading Vital Elements for a Site’s SEO

Why You Need to Invest in Local Online Marketing


When developing your business, a local buzz online marketing service may be just as vital to your success as any other form of advertising. As more people are taking to smartphones and tablets to find local businesses, this is method has become more efficient than the archaic yellow pages. According to one report, as many as 79 percent of people that use smartphones look for local businesses while on the move. Search engine optimization specialists can help you optimize the online presence for your Miami business, allowing you to take advantage of this online marketing practice.

Finding Your Location

Many mobile users will look for driving directions on the Internet. Promoting your business online helps potential customers find your location almost immediately. Thanks to GPS location services, a few flicks of the finger can provide detailed travel routes directly to your door. SEO companies can help you develop business services that can give details of your organization, such as operating hours and much more from the most basic of search results.

Search Engine Algorithms

Depending on the search criteria, most major search engines default to local businesses when looking for products and services. If you own a lawn-care service in Miami and someone is looking for landscaping near Henry Reeves Park, your business could be shown in the top 10. This is partly due to search engines trying to give users the most relevant experience while conducting searches online. If someone is searching for a service in Miami, it wouldn’t make sense to show results for companies located in Wyoming. This is part of the problem that search engines are resolving with localized results.

Is Your e-Commerce Site Optimized for Mobility?


SEO companies in Miami offer a range of services to their clients. If you’re looking to sell your products online, you’d do well to invest in developing an effective e-Commerce website with the help of an experienced SEO firm.

Mobile devices are used as one of the primary methods of online shopping. Whether consumers are ordering goods located in another state or ordering a pizza at a local Miami restaurant, people are spending a great deal of money through smartphones and tablets. Although many businesses have moved to a mobile-friendly platform, some are not operating as efficiently as they could be.

Auditing the Site

Although your website may be optimized for mobile-friendliness, there could still be issues that result in poor search engine ranking or slow response times for users. This is more common than what many may think as even the slightest of code or image adjustments can make a profound impact in functionality. Have your site audited by a professional for weak points.

Payment Acceptance

Another issue that may be plaguing some e-Commerce site owners is the lack of payment options. With so many that are available in today’s economy, not providing a variety of payment methods could be detrimental to future sales. For instance, note that PayPal and Apple Pay have a strong following of consumers in Miami.

While your website may be responsive to mobile devices, it may not be enough. Make sure your e-Commerce is as efficient as possible as it will play more of a role in sales than you may realize.

What to Expect from SEO Analysis


SEO companies basically help businesses get customers through search engines. They mainly do three activities: Create high-quality content, improve the URL structure of your site, and analyze results and make adjustments. A good deal of the SEO effort goes into analyzing the business’ past performance, key requirements, and progress.

If you’re thinking of having an SEO analysis done for your business, here are some of the activities to expect:

  • Initial Research and Analysis. This includes keyword research, Google Analytics analysis, Google Webmaster Tools analysis, link profile analysis, and site audit.

Continue reading What to Expect from SEO Analysis

SEO Tools That Are Useful to Your Campaigns


To run a successful SEO campaign, you need effective tools that will enable you to do link analysis and on-site optimization. You also need to keep up with current trends in the market while advertising. This is easy with simple tools that allow you to make your SEO plan better. Here are some of the tools you can consider to make your SEO campaign better.

Moz Keyword Difficulty Analysis
With this tool, you will be able to find out how difficult it is to rank highly for a certain keyword. The tool also shows you a list of top competitors in your category. Having such information allows you to make the right decision for a campaign that will offer good results in the long run.  Continue reading SEO Tools That Are Useful to Your Campaigns