Key Digital Marketing Channels You Need to Use

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Online marketing requires you to use several platforms. Here are some of the necessary channels you need to use the most number of potential customers.

SEO and Organic Search

When people wish to search for nearby businesses offering a certain product or service, they would usually go first to search engines and key in their queries. This way, 54 percent of them would discover new websites, and would likely become more extremely engaged with these sites. Moreover, visitors from organic searches are more likely to visit more than five webpages compared to other channels, and there’s the possibility that one of them could be yours.

Social Media

Social media will definitely be among the channels you need to tap today, since 32 percent of users are likely to discover new websites through this channel. On the other hand, you must ensure that the content you post on your social media profile is enough to keep them hooked, for social media has the highest bounce rate of any marketing channels.


Despite the growth of other digital channels, e-mail remains one of the most effective yet cost-efficient channels. About 51 percent of people discover new websites through e-mails, and by 2017, there will be an estimated 1.1 billion business e-mail accounts, while 77 percent of all e-mail accounts will be consumer-owned.

With the help of a trusted Miami SEO company, you can harness these digital channels to your advantage and win over more visitors to your website.


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