Boosting Online Campaigns with Geo-Marketing


The Internet is a big place with lots of competition, and the average business owner will need to pick and choose their battles when it comes to online marketing. One of the single best ways to bypass the competition is with geo-marketing, or focusing your efforts on local searches. Here is a glimpse at how geo-marketing could take your SEO campaign to the next level. 

Skip the Competitive Keywords

Fighting large corporations for valuable keywords is a losing battle for many smaller businesses. This is especially true for companies that are looking to get an immediate influx of traffic with PPC advertising. Simply adding local keywords and phrases is one of the easiest ways to narrow down searches and cut bidding costs on PPC campaigns.

Reduce Bounce Rates

High bounce rates will hurt a company on a few different levels. First, any traffic that immediately leaves the company’s website is a missed opportunity to make a conversion. The second issue is that many of the leading search engines use bounce rates to determine the legitimacy and importance of a website. Higher bounce rates often result in lower rankings.

Focus on the Customers That Matter

It is a tremendous waste of time and energy focusing on visitors that will never realistically be customers. By making the transition to geo-marketing, you and your team will ensure that you are only bringing in local traffic that has a high chance of being converted into paying customers.


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