SEO for Miami Businesses: Tips for Success

LeetWebMiami is a competitive market for local businesses, including in the online marketing arena. The ability to attract local traffic to your website will depend on how well your website is positioned in search engine rankings. If you’re having trouble with ranking well on search engine results pages, the following tips can help get you on the right track to SEO success:

Home Page Content

Don’t get too caught up in the new era of minimal web design with little to zero written content. If you rely on local SEO to rank well, your home page must contain well written content with targeted keywords to let the search engines know what you’re all about.

Keyword Spam

If your website is still using the old trick of trying to stuff as many keywords as possible onto one page, you should change the content immediately. Spamming search engines with keywords doesn’t help your rank, and it doesn’t help convert customers, either.

On-Page Optimization

Because you’re trying to target the city of Miami, it’s advisable to always include this geotag in the title, all of your H1 tags, and in the alt text for any images you use. This will help the search engines determine where you’re located and what type of web traffic to send you.

Update Local Directories and Social Media Profiles

Once you’ve built your social media profiles and placed your information in relevant directories, make sure to keep all of your business information updated at all times. This includes business name, address, phone number, email address and more.


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