Vital Elements for a Site’s SEO

LeetWebWith the ever changing face of search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine algorithms, it might seem like a difficult task for any company to keep up. Some elements of SEO, however, still remain and any company that wishes for the site to rank high should make sure they are implanting some of the following vital strategies.

Using Author Rank

Author Rank provides a way to verify authors of content and establishes the expertise of that particular author, which then allows Google to rank a story or article according to the author’s level of trustworthiness. In fact, Author Rank, a term coined by SEO experts, is actually the next best thing after Google Authorship was ended.


Yes, keywords will always be an important part of SEO. Appropriately placed keywords help users find your content, especially if they are integrated naturally in all of your site’s content. The keyword (no pun intended) is “appropriate”, wherein overstuffing a page or post with keywords can affect your site’s ranking.


Does your site take a while to load? If it does, that might be the reason as to why your rank is low or dropping. Google started taking into account website speed in 2010, but any user will tell you that if a website takes too long to give them what they want, they will end up going somewhere else. You can always optimize your speed or work with SEO professionals to give your website a boost.


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