Psychology and SEO Campaigns: Tips and Tricks to Boost Site Traffic

Whether you believe it or not, business and marketing also involve a bit of “mind games” and psychological tactics. When you work with an SEO company to fortify your online presence, your online marketing won’t be solely focused on keywords, algorithms, website codes, and other technical or creative matters, because psychology has a role in SEO too. Here are some tricks you might want to know about, which your trusted SEO team probably already knows and implements.

Numbers. Just like with pricing, numbers can also benefit you. If possible, include numbers and figures in your headlines, and present a sense of urgency. For example, you can create a landing page with a “special 1 day only free offer” where all they have to do is give their email address in exchange for a discount code or virtual coupon. This allows you to instantly receive possible leads, to which you can send some promotional materials via their emails.


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