What to Expect from SEO Analysis


SEO companies basically help businesses get customers through search engines. They mainly do three activities: Create high-quality content, improve the URL structure of your site, and analyze results and make adjustments. A good deal of the SEO effort goes into analyzing the business’ past performance, key requirements, and progress.

If you’re thinking of having an SEO analysis done for your business, here are some of the activities to expect:

  • Initial Research and Analysis. This includes keyword research, Google Analytics analysis, Google Webmaster Tools analysis, link profile analysis, and site audit.

  • Keyword Research. Discerning and analyzing keywords to pick out those which are optimal for your business. The characteristics to aim for in a keyword are the high search frequency, its relevance to your business, and its low use by your competitors.

  • Google Analytics Research. Analyzing past performance through a web analytics tool may reveal current drawbacks and chances for betterment.

  • Starting Optimization. The three analysis activities above will provide opportunities for both one-time and continuous optimization. Some of the starting optimization activities may include website redesign, link removal and disavowal, link building, competitor research, online PR, and content creation.

  • Continuous Analysis and Reporting. The SEO company will also be doing a continuous analysis to see whether the activities it has recommended are working. The company uses various use Analytics tools to gain insights into where they could improve efforts for you. The SEO firm will communicate the results it gets by providing you with great reports of their analysis.


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