The Power of Hashtags


These seemingly simple words are actually essential when it comes to strengthening your social media presence. Utilizing hashtags for social media is an essential tool in increasing your overall traffic, and a tweet with just a single hashtag can generate up to two times more engagement than a tweet without them. In a nutshell, hashtags help make your tweet or post viewable by anyone interested in it, thus expanding your reach to more people.

Hashtags on Social Media

On Twitter, for instance, having one or two hashtags are more likely to be engaged by the audience, but having more than two hashtags would instead drop engagement. If interesting enough, 25 percent of tweets without hashtags are bound to get retweeted, yet tweets with hashtags are more likely to be retweeted in the first place, with 40 percent of them being shared. Instagram, meanwhile, works in a different way when it comes to hashtags: it’s found that a post with 11 or more hashtags has a higher chance of getting noticed, with a high interaction rate as well.

When it was first introduced on Facebook, hashtags did not sit well among users, yet as time went, their presence was slowly accepted. Like Twitter, more people tend to interact with posts having one or two hashtags.

Undeniably, using hashtags on your social media posts works and would help you get noticed more frequently than before.


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