Making Customers Comfy Onsite


Business websites need every advantage to be more visible to their customers online, such as an effective search engine optimization (SEO) strategy. Still, even when a Miami SEO campaign is piling in the customer traffic to your site, it falls on you to aid them in navigating the place. User experience can significantly impact your site’s rankings and visitors’ overall satisfaction.

What Constitutes Bad User Experience?

The low number of pages linking to your website is just one of the signs of a bad user experience. Another sign is when your website violates Google’s Webmaster Guidelines, which generally boils down to one point: a webpage should primarily be for users.

When visitors visit your site for only brief periods, it’s likely because your site is not working enough for them to check out the goods. This could only mean that users are not satisfied with what they see and how they experience your website.

How to Improve User Experience?

There are numerous SEO tips online that teach you how to acquire links or use the right keywords that will work for your SEO campaign, but very little about how to improve user experience. For one, you can try improving your site speed, which plays a huge part in contributing to positive user experience. A slow load time will only increase your website’s bounce rate, which ultimately will lead to lower conversion rates and dwell time.


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