Tips for an Effective Miami SEO Campaign


SEO campaigns depend on knowing the various factors that search engines use to judge sites. Here are a few tips on what to focus on.

First, rankings are now based on reviews and listings on the Web, particularly on local profile directories like Yelp and Google+. Having a good presence on these sites can benefit your business, as people trust these when looking for local businesses. You can achieve this by encouraging your customers to leave positive reviews of your business on these sites. Post on social media, or print out some promotional materials that will encourage your customers into sharing their experiences with your products and services.

Second, Google is now favoring visual experiences over text, and ranks websites with high-quality images and videos higher on a search results page. Try to add as many high-quality images as possible on your profiles on social media and local listing sites, though not to the point of excess. Pictures showing interesting details about your business, such as the interior and exterior of your establishment, your products, or your staff could get customers engaged. Uploading videos on YouTube can also help, as Google puts weight on these in ranking sites.

Finally, authoritative sources say that the industries most negatively affected when Google’s Pigeon update was first introduced included jobs, insurance, real estate, and movies while those which benefitted included the hospitality, food, and education industries. Building up your website, links, citations, and reviews keep you ahead of the competition.


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