Common SEO Mistakes that Companies Must Avoid


With more companies adapting the SEO culture, online marketers and entrepreneurs alike are now formulating strategies that are geared toward establishing their online presence. Here are a few mistakes in online marketing that companies should avoid completely:

Too much use of flash animations and other codes.

Breathtaking designs and encoding them into a website might seem like a creative idea, but it is not practical. Search engine codes couldn’t read too much unnecessary content such as images with texts and flash animations. Pop-up or splash pages would also not put you on top of the search results.

Too much use for keywords and lack of it.

Keywords are the basic elements of SEO and its proper inclusion in your content is very important; however, an overflow of these words without contextualization would force your potential customer to open a competitor’s far more intelligible website. Always remember that keywords should always be in their proper context.

Too many hyperlinks and other false links.

Links should never dominate your website because customers don’t want to be jumping from one page to another just to get what they want. It’s also not pleasing to see cluttered links all over your content or even worse, your whole content as one huge hyperlink mess. Using unreliable webpages as references is also the perfect way to lose valuable clients.

Remember that content is king if you want to succeed in SEO. Be sincere with your content as you can be creative with it.


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