SEO for Scale Modeling Sites


If you’re into building scale model kits, you may be considering running a special blog or website that details all your works and the step-by-step behind it. All the chronicling, though, takes a lot of effort and hundreds of megabytes, and uploading them is even longer. When you need to improve the page’s visibility through search engine optimization (SEO), you need Miami SEO experts to do the job for you.


The optimizing work starts with choosing a number of primary keywords to help the page content get some ranking potential. For example, if your modeling website is geared towards World War II German panzers, you have to research keywords that have varying degrees of search volume.


Each picture file uploaded must have a descriptive filename instead of a camera-generated one. A search engine’s spiders would be able to recognize it in an image search. Thus, a TIF image file of a Sturer Emil tank-destroyer prototype model, for example, can be changed from IMG001.TIF to Sturer_Emil_01.TIF (the number is used for multiple angles). You must also use ALT tags and compress the image, which would improve page loading speed.

Some building processes can take a great deal of time, but you can work around this by listing just a few images about the work and the associated commentary text. Search engines also favor pages that have good content and over 1,000 words.


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